DEI change leaders face unique layers of complexity which must be addressed to achieve lasting, sustainable outcomes. To meet these challenges, we are excited to announce the formation of the Chrysalis Coalition.

The name Chrysalis has been chosen to reflect how a successful DEI journey can transform business performance, enhance customer experience, and position brands for future advantage.

Founded by three companies, Chrysalis formalizes the work of long-term collaborators Janet Reid, PhD Founder and CEO of BRBS World, Vincent Brown, President and CEO of V. Randolph Brown Consulting and Larry Mohl, Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Rali.

Grounded in science and designed to scale for teams of any size, Chrysalis combines decades of DEI research and consulting with leading edge immersive technology to engage every employee, activate staff contribution, and help organizations become magnets for diverse, top tier talent.

We are inspired by the belief that transforming the enterprise will transform the world.

Workforce diversity that engages everyone is an important metric in talent development, but it is not the full story. Creating a truly inclusive culture by overcoming bias transforms organizations, delivering true impact. Inclusion creates trust, belonging, equity, and respect.
Chrysalis is a catalyst for lasting, high-impact performance improvement.
Transform your culture. Transform your outcomes. Transform at scale.


From our very origins, humans developed natural bias toward people like themselves and a need to be alert to differences. That bias is in our DNA. Neuroscience research reveals the way our brains are wired. Emerging research is beginning to show evidence that bias can be disrupted by introducing new patterns and behaviors. Chrysalis is based on an understanding of the role neuroscience plays and the path necessary to achieve intrinsic inclusion.


Chrysalis is a collaborative partnership with deep experience in the field of DEI,  guiding hundreds of companies to realize transformational change through the creation of an inclusive culture.

Building on neuroscience research and applying it to new change models we can reboot the biased brain to value differences as a strategic strength.



This rich cultural inclusion methodology is based on decades of research and practice. Delivered on the Rali software platform, diverse communities within the organization come together to leverage our Learn, Do, Inspire change experience engine, embarking on their journey and connecting from anywhere, on any device, in any time zone.

The results: organizational transformation at scale.


The impact of the Chrysalis journey is evident in the way  employees connect and collaborate.  By breaking down conscious and unconscious bias, they recognize the power of their differences and their unique ability to contribute.

Creating an inclusive culture ignites and even magnifies increased productivity, a commitment to shared goals, and openness to innovation, which increases employee satisfaction and business success.

Hiring for diversity does not mean you have attained true inclusion. If you’re ready to chart a path to create an inclusive culture and drive meaningful, organizational transformation at scale, begin your journey with Chrysalis. Talk to us!