Accelerating Transformation at Scale


Rali connects the cognitive areas of our brains with who we are as social beings. Our technology platform coupled with Chrysalis DEI knowledge and research enables change leaders and teams to journey together in a social, collaborative, partnership-oriented environment.

Rali’s cloud-based platform is perfectly suited for remote work environments, helping organizations adapt to new delivery and engagement requirements. Rali is unique in its behavior-centered design, interactive video modules, and online/offline gamification-centered activities, foster community engagement and mutual accountability. Our AI-driven insights are delivered via a customized dashboard for monitoring engagement and measuring success.


Rali’s proprietary Learn | Do | Inspire model ignites curiosity and inspires the journey from “knowing” to “doing.” Converting knowledge of our biased brains into recognizing the value of our differences is the first step in breaking down bias.

  • Learn Activities: Interactive “micro-learning” that drives knowledge acquisition.
  • Do Activities: On-the-job application tasks that convert understanding into action with feedback and coaching.
  • Inspire Activities: Appreciation, encouragement, and story sharing that increases community engagement and achievement.

This collaborative framework builds community and fosters learning from each other. Sharing common life experiences, and uncovering strengths and preferences builds trust and connection — across teams, time zones, and cultures.

The methodology supports accountability while encouraging everyone working towards a common purpose to recognize the impact of our biased brains and define new pathways of intrinsic inclusion.



The Chrysalis Inclusion Journey accelerates change across organizations as they

  • Explore bias, its impact, and the natural challenges with overcoming it.
  • Create a common language and meaning for the concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Discover the characteristics of intrinsically inclusive individuals.
  • Learn how to disrupt bias and become more naturally inclusive.
  • Create an inclusive environment for all.

Gain new insights (LEARN), convert knowledge into action (DO), and inspire each other to make real and sustainable change (INSPIRE).


Building an inclusive culture is a catalyst for improving engagement, retention and delivering a superior employee experience.

It sets the stage for accelerating business success with increased collaboration, innovation, and operational performance.

It enables you to attract top talent and amplifies the delivery of your services for an exceptional customer experience.

Inclusion is good for your organization, your community and the world.


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