Inclusivity is a game changer

Understanding Intrinsic Inclusion™

Intrinsically inclusive people are those whose motivation comes from within. Their inclusive actions reflect who they are as people, independent of what others may want or expect. They are sometimes called naturally inclusive because inclusion is more “who they are” vs. what they are being asked to do.

We have observed 5 characteristics of intrinsically inclusive people:

  1. They seek to build relationships with those who are like and unlike themselves with the same amount of enthusiasm.
  2. They have a natural curiosity to learn more about people who are unlike themselves.
  3. They have less unjustified fear and negative stereotyping of those who are different.
  4. They know that they might make mistakes in dealing with those who are different, but that doesn’t deter them from pursuing relationships.
  5. They consistently deliver to their workplaces, communities, friends and family the advantages of diversity, equity and inclusion. They can accelerate the formation of truly inclusive cultures.

The Science

Studies in neuroscience has revealed that the brain has an innate, unconscious response of bias when confronted with difference. From early in the human evolution, it’s in our DNA to protect ourselves and our community from risk.

This breakthrough insight also indicates that it is possible to disrupt and retrain both the bias and the related behaviors.

That knowledge forms the basis for the Chrysalis experience, the journey to an intrinsically inclusive culture.

The Journey

Whether bias is conscious or unconscious – moving individuals and organizations to a culture of intrinsic inclusion is the core principle behind the Chrysalis change journey. Unlike traditional diversity approaches, Chrysalis  creates a customized journey based on where you are in your DEI initiative.

From members of the Board, to the executive leadership team, managers and individual contributors, Chrysalis activates desired mindsets and behaviors, and empowers change agents at every level.

The Opportunity

Breaking down innate bias enables individuals to value their differences, creating change agents at all levels.

The Chrysalis journey provides insight into employee sentiment, engagement behaviors, and team progress, providing data driven insights into the impact Chrysalis is having in the quest for a truly inclusive organizational culture.

Creating an inclusive culture increases employee engagement, enables organizations to attract and retain top diverse talent, and improve operating efficiency.


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