Shaping a culture of inclusion.

Designing a better world.

We are dreamers.

We have a vision that transforming the workplace transforms neighborhoods to become intrinsically inclusive.
We have proven the power of human-centered new learning models to disrupt innate biases and adopt attitudes of shared trust to fuel organizational change.

We believe that a culture of intrinsic inclusion improves the human condition.


The principal leaders at Chrysalis have unparalleled experience in the fields of neuroscience, DEI and group-based change acceleration.
Theirs is a partnership of commitment, of dedication to creating a more inclusive world.
Dr. Reid and Mr. Brown have co-authored several books including:
  • Intrinsic Inclusion™: Rebooting Your Biased Brain
  • The Phoenix Principles: Leveraging Inclusion to Transform your Company
  • The Phoenix Principles Work Book
What does it take to create an inclusive culture?
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